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Paragon SC2 Enamelling Kiln With A Sentry Xpress Digital Programmer Sentry Xpress Digital Programmer
UK To EU Plug Adapter.
Ceramic Block.
Ceramic Cloth.
EU Plug.
UK-EU Adapter.
Dry Powder Extinguisher.
Glare Resistant Glasses.
HEPA Mask.
heat-resistant Gloves.
Kitiki Cutters.
Kitiki Flush Cutters.
Kitiki Flat-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Pointed-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Bent-Nose Pliers.
Kitiki Round-Nose Pliers.
Protective Glasses.
Potter & Brumfield Relay.
Dorset, SW England.
UK 13A Plug.
The AX-4 Digital Controller.
MiniKiln Closed.
Prometheus Pro-7.
Bartlett-Paragon Touch Screen Digital Controller.
Paragon BlueBird Bead Annealing Kiln.
Lauscha by Carrie Fertig.
Activated Charcoal Granules.
Paragon Caldera Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon Caldera Bead Kiln.
Paragon Fusion CS14D Glass Kiln.
Paragon Fusion CS14SB Glass And Bead Kiln.
Paragon Caldera XL Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon F500 Lampwork Kiln.
Paragon FireFly A Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon Fusion 7 Glass Kiln.
Paragon Fusion 8 Glass Kiln.
Paragon GL18ADTSD Glass Kiln.
Paragon HT-14D Heat Treating Furnace.
Paragon Janus 1613 Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon KM18D Knife Making Oven.
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Unassembled.
Paragon-Orton Vent Master: Suction Cup.
Paragon Pearl 18 Glass Kiln.
Paragon PMT21 Heat Treating Kiln.
Paragon Door Peephole And Vent.
Stainless Steel Pans.
Paragon SC-2 Black Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2 Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2B Bead-Door Kiln.
Paragon SC2W Enamelling Kiln.
Paragon SC4 Glass Kiln.
Paragon SC2BW Jewellery And Bead Kiln.
Paragon SC2D Pro-3 Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC2 Shelf Kit.
Paragon SC-2 Jade Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Black Jewellery Kiln.
Orton-Paragon Sentry Xpress Programmer.
Orton-Paragon Sentry Programmer.
Bartlett-Paragon Sentinel Touch-Screen Controller.
Paragon SC-2 Pink Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Pro Black Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Turqoise Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Purple Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Navy Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon SC-2 Berry Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon ST-8 Kiln Table.
Paragon ST-8 Kiln Table With Casters.
Paragon TNF 1613 Ceramics Kiln.
Paragon GL24 Kiln Table.
Paragon Xpress 1613 Top Row Of Bricks.
Paragon Lost-Wax Burnout Tray.
USB Plug.
Paragon Xpress E-12A Jewellery Kiln.
Paragon Xpress E-12AB Bead Kiln.
Paragon Xpress E-14 Glass Kiln.
Paragon Xpress Q-11A Ceramics Kiln.

The Paragon SC2 Kiln For Art Clay, PMC, Jewellery, Annealing Beads, Enamels, Silver Clays, And Glass Fusing, Sagging, And Slumping.

The Paragon SC2 kiln is generally used for firing metal clays, enamelling, fusing glass, making jewellery, and melting silver, although it has other applications. It's a 1095°C kiln with a digital programmer, in Paragon blue, or customised berry, black, jade, navy, pink, purple, or turquoise.

There are four versions with different doors: the SC2, SC2B, SC2W, and SC2BW. The B versions have a bead-annealing door, the W versions have a heat resistant glass viewing-window, and the BW versions have both.

For prices, use the shop link below the menu bar near the top-right of any page. They're for UK-EU voltage, CE-marked, TUV tested, and CL and CSA approved kilns.

SC2 kilns made for Cherry Heaven have easy-adjust lever door-catches, not the US-style ball-catches which, with use, often became too tight or too loose and were fiddlesome to adjust.

Heavy guage long-life nickel-chromium K-type thermocouples replace the older US bead-style and sheathed-style. They respond more quickly to temperature changes and minimise the risk of corrosion and subsequent failure of the bi-metallic tip: often caused by epoxy break-down and the gases produced whilst heating some materials.

The kiln furniture comprises a solid thick durable cordierite shelf for even heat distribution, and four 12mm shelf supports: not the thin US-style fibre shelf.

Prices include the pro shelf kit, comprehensive instructions, UK delivery, UK VAT, and continuing free support from a top-tier international distributor. So you can start work straight away.

To learn more about the Paragon SC2, SC3, SC4, and other kilns, use the appropriate links above and below the menu bar near the top of the page.

Paragon SC2 Kiln For Silver Clay, Enamels, And Glass Fusing Paragon SC2B Bead Annealing Kiln Paragon SC2W Enamelling And Glass Kiln Paragon SC2BW Bead And Jewellery Kiln

The Paragon SC-2 Kiln For Art Clay, PMC, Bead Annealing, Enamelling, Jewellery, Metal Clays, And Glass Fusing, Sagging, And Slumping.

The Paragon SC-2 is a 1095°C, square, front-opening, plug-in, table-top, ceramic fibre kiln, with a ramp-hold Sentry Xpress 3-key digital programmer. Choose Paragon blue, or customised berry, black, jade, navy, pink, purple, or turquoise.

The UK-EU kiln is rated at 230V-240V 1680W, so it can use a regular mains socket. To comply with EU safety regulations, the elements are embedded: an important safety feature. However, never get careless: kilns are very hot and connected to the mains.

The outer steel case measures 336mm x 311mm x 400mm high. It's slotted for air circulation, so stays cool and doesn't need an extra stand. There's a removable stopper in the top vent for lost-wax casting and other processes that might release fumes. The shipping weight is about 16kg.

The ceramic-fibre firing chamber, enclosed in an inner steel case, measures 199mm x 204mm x 145mm high, and heats from both sides, with the fast-firing elements safely embedded in the fibre. The kiln has an electro-mechanical relay and a nickel-chromium K-type thermocouple.

The programmer's electronic display prompts for heating rates, target temperatures, and hold times, making it easy to set up and re-use accurate heating, holding, and cooling sequences.

The accessories, options, and upgrades for this kiln are in the on-line shop:

List a berry, black, jade, navy, pink, purple, or turquoise respray: normally blue
List a right-hand door hinge: factory fitted
List a 165mm x 64mm letter-box style bead-anealing door: factory fitted
List a 50mmx 50mm heat-resistant glass viewing-window in the centre of the door: factory fitted
List a long-life mercury relay upgrade: factory fitted
List a long-life S-type platinum-rhodium thermocouple upgrade: factory fitted
List stacking shelf kits
List ceramic shelf-paper
List charcoal for the stainless steel container used for firing some metal clays
List ceramic fibre cloth
List ceramic block
List HEPA dust mask
List clear protective glasses
List glare-resistant glasses
List heat-resistant gloves

And finally, my opinion.

The Paragon SC2 is probably the most popular small kiln in the UK. It heats up quickly, it's fully programmable, it's small enough to get out, use, and put away, and does most things for most people within its size and temperature limits. It's ideal for classrooms, colleges, course venues, schools, workshops, and commercial jewellery studios.

It will hold three 178mm x 178mm shelves, so you can fire lots of metal clay at one go, paint china figures, do enamelling, cast glass, fuse glass, use jewellery moulds, and make 150mm square glass tiles.

The Paragon SC-2B door includes a 165mm x 64mm letter-box style bead-anealing door and a bead-mandrel holder. The Paragon SC-2W door includes a 50mm x 50mm heat-resistant glass viewing-window. The Paragon SC-2BW door includes a 165mm x 64mm bead-anealing letter-box style door, a bead-mandrel holder, and a 75mm x 25mm heat-resistant glass viewing-window. Otherwise, they're the same as the SC2.


The Paragon SC2 Kiln Furniture.

SC2 kilns normally leave the factory with one small economy ceramic-fibre shelf that will break up over time. We've replaced it with a more expensive professional kit: a solid thick tough shelf and four posts. So:

There's a recommended kit, included in the price: one durable 178mm x 178mm x 15mm cordierite shelf and four 12mm shelf posts.

There's an extra recommended kit, not included in the price: one 178mm x 178mm x 15mm shelf and four posts. You can choose 12mm, 25mm, or 50mm posts.

Depending on the material or process, and the sizes of your pieces, stacked shelves will hold more work, free up your time, and reduce the unit firing cost: so you might want more kits. This kiln has room for three.

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