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changing the door on a paragon sc2 or look at smaller kilns at

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In the factory, screws are put in tightly with an electric screwdriver. When removing them, use the correct-size screwdriver. As with any screw, the wrong size screwdriver can damage the head, making it difficult to remove.

In the US, all the SC series kilns have a door ball-catch and a plastic door-knob. However, the catch is often too loose or too tight, particularly when the kiln is hot and the metal has expanded. It's easy to disturb your work whilst pushing the door catch closed or pulling it open, and you often need a free hand to hold the hot kiln steady.

Although the ball catch can be adjusted, all the SC series kilns sold by Cherry Heaven have an improved lever latch, and no plastic knob. The lever latch has a much easier and cleaner action, and is simpler to adjust. However, in case your kiln looks slightly different, remember that manufacturers reserve the right to change products.

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